Author Note: Please prepare your full paper according to the formatting instructions listed below, then review the SAMPLE PAPER before you submit your paper to our automated system.

Formatting Instructions

Only Microsoft Word will be accepted and must be formatted as follows:

  1. First Page 
    • Title of the Paper
      The title must be centered with at least 1-inch margins on the left and the right.  Times New Roman typeface is required and must be bold-faced with a 16-point font.
    • Author and Affiliation
      Below the title of the paper should again be a space followed by the authors’ names. The affiliations must be directly below the authors’ names and should include email addresses.  Times New Roman typeface (12-point font) is required.
    • Footer
      The following footer should be used on every page of your paper. This footer must be a 10-point font and in italics:

    Proceedings of the 2024 IAJC International Conference
    ISBN 978-1-60643-379-9

    • Abstract: Still on the first page, place the abstract as follows.  The abstract is required and cannot exceed 300 words.  Below the authors’ names should be TWO blank spaces followed by the word “Abstract.” Another blank space must follow the word “Abstract” before the start of the text.  The abstract must have 1.25″ left and 1″ right margins.
    • Headings
      The following headings are required:
      Abstract, Introduction, Conclusions, References, and Biographies. These must be 12-point font, bolded, left-justified, and each must have one blank space above and one below, as shown on the “sample Word document.”  Additional headings are optional but, if used, must follow the same format.
    • Page Numbering
      The pages should not be numbered.
    • Word Document Page Setup
      Except as noted otherwise, all text must be Times New Roman with a 12-point font.
      Top = 1″, Bottom = 1″, Left = 1.25″, and Right = 1″.
    • Tables and Figures
      Center all tables and figures.  Captions for tables must be centered above the table with one blank space between the table and its caption.  Captions for figures must be centered below the figure with one blank space between the figure and its caption.
    • Text Justification
      Except as noted otherwise, all text must be left justified.
    • Page Limit
  2. Bibliographic Information (following the body of the paper)
    Between the end of the text and the bibliography, there must be one blank space.  The bibliography must have the same margins and font size as the body of the paper.  For help with setting up your references, follow the examples in the Formatting Guide for References. Consider each author as a separate paragraph, skipping one line between each author. The authors’ names must be in capital letters with a maximum of ten (10) lines of text per author.

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